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Garden clubs association to meet in Norwalk

By PEGGY CASE • Jan 28, 2020 at 12:30 PM

Sarcopenia. Do you know what it is? Have you heard of it?

Mark your calendar for May 1 to attend a public meeting of the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs (OAGC) in Norwalk, at First Presbyterian Church to learn more.

Sarcopenia is the wasting away of muscle strength in later years due to inactivity and a lack of exercise. Sarcopenia, according to much research, is not an automatic result of aging. Sarcopenia is easily avoided with continued activity. Go to the Rec Center and you'll see ladies and gents past sixty, seventy and even eighty easily moving through Yoga exercises, swimming, aerobics, Zumba, weight-lifting, stretching and more. Keeping strong and agile is not impossible. Just keep moving. Every little bit helps.

There are many books out there to guide you in keeping strong. One such book is Younger Next Year, by Harry S. Lodge, MD and Chris Crowley. The doctor tells you the medical basis for exercising and Chris inspires you to do it. This book is so good, even humorous, it will entertain as it teaches. Lots of people know about this book in Norwalk as two well-known guys in town have convinced others to read the book and follow its teaching.

Our local OAGC Garden Club, Dirty Bloomers, is planning a day meeting with its theme, Younger Next Year, based on the book's teaching. And....they got these two well-known guys, Jim Busek and John Flickinger, to talk to the crowd about the importance of keeping fit as they age by keeping moving. After a HEALTHY lunch, another speaker, Donna Dvoracek of Mohican Outdoor School in Butler near Mansfield will add her witty advice about using gardening as one of those 'keep moving' activities.

More information about attending this meeting, which includes breakfast, lunch and speakers, plus a flower show, will be coming in the days ahead.


Keep gardening spirits up

Winter is kind of ho hum when it comes to gardening this time of year.

To keep those gardening spirits up watch You Tube videos that Laura Boutillier of Garden Answer does weekly. Laura is a young millennial who started Garden Answer in 2014 with 'hands on' videos of every facet of gardening, home landscaping, potting plants, doing living wreaths, houseplants, bulbs, Christmas decorating and much more.

Laura will be at The Great Big Home & Garden Show Feb 8 and 9 in Cleveland speaking on "Things That Made Me a Better Gardener.”

If you can't make it to Cleveland just google Garden Answer or Laura Boutillier to find her numerous gardening videos.

Laura can give you new ideas plus much more on gardening to inspire you, igniting your gardening spirit.

Peggy Case, local Huron County Master Gardener, is the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs Region 6 Director and floral judge.