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Weddings galore in this issue

By Don Hohler • Oct 9, 2019 at 7:22 AM

Lets vary a bit from the column and give the reader more general news from mid-September, 1980,

Marrying time

Sept. 18, 1980

Something was in the water that led to seven wedding pictures in this edition. From left to right on the page it was Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Slivka (Marilyn Stein), Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mitro (Deanna Wilson), Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miller (Lynn Smith), Mr. and Mrs. John Minot (Sharon Stackhouse), Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cooke (Dawn Jackson), Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Loyd (Donya Houghtlen) and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reichert (Adelaide Conricote).

Sept. 19, 1980

No go on law suit

The city school board has nixed the idea of suing the city of Norwalk. “Too costly” says school board president Dorothy Dellianides.

The board claimed to be devastated by the fact that the city gabbed the $417,000 public works grant that could have gone to a strapped school district. The board says Dr. William Holman was pressured into signing the application without explaining that the school had a right to all or at least part of the money.

Sept. 19, 1980

Dealership closes

The colonial-style building on Ohio 13 just south of U.S. 224 has changed ownership many times since Billy Inmon had it built for his dealership. Shocking that the dealership that sold 700 new cars and 700 new trucks the first year (1978) only to go “belly-up” that quick. Inmon called “a business downturn” forced the doors to be closed, sending 31 employees out looking for jobs.

Inmon promised that he would never again build a business based on “a good economy.”

Sept. 20, 1980

Sycamore course damaged

City police are looking for three dirt bike riders who tore up three greens at Sycamore Hills Golf Course. The vandals came in from the north, along the railroad right-of-way, dropped down on the fairway and spun their tires on greens 3, 4 and 5.

Course owner Mike Hoyt lodged the police complaint this morning.

Sept. 21, 1980

Keefer’s do sSome celebrating

The society page showed Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Keefer front and center. They were about to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. The Mrs. involved was the former Ann Albright.

The couple tied the knot in front of P.J. Garcia at the Church of the Master in Steuben.

The couple are the parents of Mrs. Ron (Alice) Appeman, Monroeville; Mrs. Kevin (Sandy) Wurmser, Norwalk; and Mark, Jackie and Jeff, all at home.

Sept. 20, 1980

Oops, too many shockers

Sorry, but due to the upsets had to dip into the sports world. And the reason, Norwalk shocked Tiffin Columbian, 20-14, behind the 150-yard rushing performance of Larry Buckhannon; Western Reserve coach Dick Taylor called his team’s 26-12 win over New London his “greatest win” at the school; Steve Ringholz watched his “bend but not break” defense shut out a tough Black River team, 13-0, and South Central continued to dominate (or maybe it should read Doug Fidler) the Firelands Conference in getting the best of St. Paul, 27-14. Fidler ran for 246 yards, running his four-game total to 781 yards.

And, on top of that, Willard, after beating Shelby the previous year on a fourth-quarter Mark Miller interception run-back to give the school its first-ever NOL title, tripped up the Whippets still again, this time, 12-7.

Sept. 23, 1980

In the “Hard-To-Believe” column

The Monroeville village council, after listening to the school board’s financial woes, decided to waive the Marsh Field rental fee of $500.

And the reason the city did this for a second straight year: Board President Bob Leber claimed the financial woes of the school system has reached $80,000.

Sept. 25, 1980

“Here’s Johnny”

Had to throw this one in.

Johnny Carson failed Wednesday to stop a suburban Detroit outhouse manufacturer from calling its portable toilets “Here’s Johnny.” A federal judge ruled that the night show host is not the sole owner of the phrase and is not “with tongue in cheek: a trademark infringement and/or “invasion of privacy.”

Sept. 26, 1980

Gasoline price

The average price for a gallon of regular is $1.25 and $1.29 for unleaded.

Sept. 28, 1980

Western Reserve, Plymouth courts

Three seniors, Denise Hipp, Darnel Dauch and Kim Hipp, are vying for Western Reserve High School homecoming queen. The remainder of the court is Karen Knapp, Dolores Butler and Rita Burns. The Riders take on Monroeville on Friday night.

Meanwhile, at the Plymouth-Seneca East game, Laurie Kraft will reign as the Plymouth queen. In her court is Cindy Risner, Fayette Hudson, Becky Turson and Glenda Will.

October 1, 1980

Teacher wins suit

A Norwalk High teacher fired in mid-term two years ago because she couldn’t maintain discipline in her classroom, will be awarded $4,940 in back pay.

The favorable judgment for Barbara Hart Couture came down from Common Please Court Judge Robert Smith.

Don Hohler is a longtime Reflector sportswriter.

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