'Relatively slow day' at county Democratic, Republican fair booths

Cary Ashby • Aug 13, 2019 at 4:42 PM

With a relatively light attendance Monday at the Huron County Fair, it only makes sense that not many people visited the Huron County Democratic and Republican booths at the grand stand.

“It’s been a relatively slow day,” said Dennis Stieber, the second chairman for the Huron County Democrats.

Over the course of about two hours starting at 3 p.m., he had seen about 10 people in the booth. Stieber worked a four-hour shift Monday and was going to be at the fair for two hours today, Thursday and Friday.

The story was much the same a few doors down at the Republicans’ booth. Cecilia Blevins, Huron County Board of Elections director, estimated 15 people were there during a three-hour span.

There were 6,557 visitors to the fair Monday, according to the fair board. 

Visitors approached by the Reflector on Monday didn’t want to talk about local politics, which was reflected at the Democratic and Republican booths. The talk there focused on the presidential race.

“The comments have been positive about (President Donald) Trump. They like the job he’s doing,” Blevins said. “He’s doing what he said he was going to do.”

The local Republicans had material from state Rep. Dick Stein, of Norwalk, and U.S. Sen. Nathan Manning, who represents the 13th district. Both politicians were expected to be at the booth Tuesday, with Manning to return to the fair today. 

At the Democrats’ booth, visitors were encouraged to sign up for door prizes and participate in a mock election for which Democrat should earn the presidential nomination.

“We are going to keep track of that every day,” said Stieber, who wore a handmade “Tim Ryan 2020” addition taped to his “Vote Democrat” T-shirt.

“I’m a Tim Ryan guy; that’s my guy for president,” he added.

Ryan has been the U.S. representative for the 13th district since 2003. Stieber said he thinks Ryan has “great relationships” with constituents, relates well to steelworkers and farmers and can discuss “kitchen table issues” with “lunch box-carrying men and women.”

Prevalent at both booths were large banners for the Norwalk mayor’s race. Republican incumbent Rob Duncan is facing off against Dave Light, who recently retired as the city police chief.

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