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EU to tax Harleys, herpes virus in Alzheimer brains, cucumber explained as never before and more

• Jun 22, 2018 at 1:23 PM

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ASSOCIATED PRESS: EU to tax Harleys, bourbon and other U.S. goods

BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union will start taxing a range of U.S. imports Friday, including quintessentially American goods like Harley-Davidson bikes and cranberries, in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to slap tariffs on European steel and aluminum.

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THE GUARDIAN: Demagogues and charlatans are stoking fear, says Joe Biden

The former US vice-president Joe Biden has accused “demagogues and charlatans” of stirring up voters’ fears just as they did in the 1930s, as the issue of migration convulses politics on both sides of the Atlantic.

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FIVETHIRTYEIGHT: Why rank and file evangelicals aren't likely to turn on Trump over immigration

Right now, however, even though some white evangelical leaders have condemned Trump and the family separation policy, there’s no evidence that their followers are poised to turn on the president.

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NPR: Researchers find herpes virus in brains marked by Alzheimer's disease

Two common herpes viruses appear to play a role in Alzheimer's disease.

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ONE COOL THING: The cucumber explained as never before

This will make you want to eat a "cu-cumba."

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