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Addicted to opioids, Trump's enemy No 1, remembering children killed in school and more

• May 31, 2018 at 10:10 AM

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QUARTZ: One in five Americans know someone addicted to opioids

For the past five years, the Federal Reserve has been conducting a national study on economic wellbeing (pdf). Last year, it started asking questions about opioid usage. The Fed found that one in five adults in the US personally knows someone who has been addicted to opioids or prescription painkillers.

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THE GUARDIAN: Trump's enemy No 1: Michael Avenatti on his quest to take down a president

It was another figure, dapper and bullet-headed, who truly electrified the crowd. If Stormy Daniels was the star, here was the ringmaster. “Mi-chael! Mi-chael!” Michael Avenatti: the attorney who has become a hero of the left by transforming what seemed a tawdry blip for Trump into a millstone around his presidency.

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VOX: The raging controversy over whether to call Trump’s lies “lies,” explained

Even in a news analysis piece about Trump’s strategic promotion of conspiracy theories, the New York Times euphemistically referred to “unconfirmed accusations” rather than baseless conspiracy theories. This preference for euphemism over straightforward language is silly, so it’s attracted considerable social media criticism.

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3 QUARKS DAILY: New Memorial Day: Remembering children killed in school

It’s an exhaustive list. Far longer and deeper than you might suspect. The Tribune tracks U.S. school shootings of the past 50 years. A well documented list by Wikipedia goes back to 1840, when a student named Joseph Semmes shot University of Virginia law professor John Anthony Gardner Davis.

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ONE COOL THING: Can 'The Walking Dead' survive without Andrew Lincoln?

Is the face of The Walking Dead about to take his final bow? A new report claims that one of the show’s original cast members may leave the show during the next season.

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