London bound: Western Reserve cheerleaders pass auditions

Cary Ashby • Sep 19, 2019 at 3:00 PM

COLLINS — Ashley Feaga admitted she was shaking before her audition.

The Western Reserve High School junior was trying out for the All-American Cheer through the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA). She and other cheerleaders had to lead a cheer they learned at camp and perform a dance and jump. The Western students did their auditions in the morning and learned the results that same afternoon.

“They learned it one day and did it the next day,” said Tracy Feaga, the cheerleading adviser and a Western graduate.

Ashley Feaga’s audition was a success — as were the ones by sophomore Lacey Greszler and senior Morgan Spettle. They have the opportunity to perform in the New Year’s Day parade in London with about 800 other cheerleaders from the United States. To donate by Oct. 31, call Tracy Feaga at 419-681-2330.

“I did it because I knew I didn’t have anything to lose. I also thought it would be a good experience,” said Spettle, referring to the small-group audition in front of two Universal Cheerleaders Association instructors. 

To get in the proper mindset, Spettle said she “talked a lot with the other cheerleaders, especially Ashley and Lacey.” The teenagers said they boosted each other’s confidence as they shared videos of themselves practicing and gave each other feedback before their auditions. Greszler estimated she practiced for “roughly three hours” the previous night.

“I was really nervous when we got started, but as we got going, I got more comfortable (because of) who I was with,” said Spettle, who has been cheering for six years.

“Everybody got to watch us, which made it 10 times harder,” added Ashley Feaga, who has been a cheerleader since middle school.

Each girl’s favorite part of cheerleading is dance.

“It makes me feel happy,” said Greszler, the daughter of Art and Kathy Greszler.

When Spettle, the daughter of Randy and Susie Spettle, said she enjoys dancing the most, her fellow squad members were quick to say she excels at jumping.

“Your jumps are perfect,” Greszler said. “They are so high.”

“She makes it look so easy,” added Feaga, the daughter of Jason and Tracy Feaga.

When talking about possibly traveling to London, Ashley Feaga said she “wouldn’t be as excited about this thing if they weren’t going.” Greszler said the experience has created a greater bond among the three cheerleaders.

Their adviser is proud of their successful auditions.

“I am proud of all three of them. … I was pretty confident these three would make it,” said Tracy Feaga, noting the girls have been showing a lot of drive and determination.

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