1 bed bug found at JFS, 'no sign of infestation'

Cary Ashby • Updated Dec 21, 2017 at 11:42 AM

A bed bug was found Tuesday at the Ohio Means Jobs portion of the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services (JFS).

“The entire building has been inspected and no (other) bed bugs have been found and no signs of infestation,” JFS director Jennifer Reed said.

The one bed bug was found at the Ohio Means Jobs (OMJ) section of the building, which the community uses. Reed said the bug was captured and then sent to Huron County Public Health.

“It was confirmed to be a bed bug,” she said. “The health department recommended we close the department.”

Ohio Means Jobs was closed for about four hours Tuesday and re-opened Wednesday morning. As a precaution, Reed said the OMJ staff and work-force development employees either were sent home for the day or went to “alternative work areas.”

As soon as the bed bug was found, JFS contacted a private exterminator to do an inspection of the entire building. Reed also said county maintenance workers sprayed as a precaution.

Health department officials and commissioner Tim Hollinger couldn’t be reached for comment Wednesday. 

Reed was asked if she knew if JFS had previous incidents of bed bugs.

“It’s my understanding this is the first time,” she said.

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