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It's time we all play nice with each other

• May 15, 2019 at 2:00 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Roger K. Smith of Norwalk.

Could it be that it is election time in our great city of Norwalk? It seems the answer is too obvious. The truth is that at most other time we all seem to work so well together.

So here we are in campaign mode. And I find it interesting that suddenly some of our city officials are not playing nice. I am not referring to folks having differing opinion on certain issues. But why do we now find it necessary to throw accusations at each other in the media. Elections must be in the offing. 

Consider this — if an administration official is not authorized to drive their city car anywhere but on official business then why, may I ask, was this not a concern a year ago? Two years ago? If there is some anxiety over not filling an administrative position in a timely manner why not grab two lattes at Sheri’s, go across the street to the city offices and knock on someone’s door. Certainly let your feelings and concerns be known, inquire about where things stand and discuss possible solutions. And be assured, if you are someone who represents us on city council you have a right, a duty, to do just that.

I am not defending one political party over the other. I imagine we would be dealing with a similar situation were the political party roles reversed, in this or any other election. But let’s leave the divisiveness in Washington. We see all too well there how playing politics is nothing but polarizing.

Let us face our concerns as they arise, address those issues and seek solutions. That is something that over the years our city administrators and citizen representatives have, for the most part, done so well. We, all of us together, have made our home town “a great place to raise kids.” We must, for ourselves and for those kids, continue to pull in the same direction. And by all means, let’s play nice.

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