Norwalk Reflector: Little to go on for missing woman

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Little to go on for missing woman

By JOE CENTERS • Updated Mar 20, 2019 at 8:20 AM

A lot of questions. Very few answers.

Arleen Brush, 50, of Norwalk, was reported missing by her daughter after she asked the Norwalk Police Department to check on her March 2. A neighbor told police Brush was last seen or heard from on or about Feb. 28.

“We’ve been working on that the last two days,” Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Seth Fry said. “We have looked at every possible lead we can. We still have nothing on her whereabouts. We spoke to family members and neighbors. It’s still a mystery.”

Fry said there is very little to work with.

“She has no car. No phone. No known places she frequents. Nothing like that,” the detective added.

“She is not originally from Norwalk. She has lived here the last three years. This is very uncharacteristic of her. She is very reserved and she doesn’t like to be around pople, including family and friends. 

“There are no signs of any foul play. It appears she left on her own accord. Hard to say where she is at this time.”

Brush is 5-foot-4 with light brown hair and brown eyes. Her daughter said her mother doesn’t normally wear glasses except to read and usually she has her hair up in a clip. She normally wears neutral-toned clothing.

Police and Brush’s family have checked her Concord Court apartment several times. However, both have noted that things look to have remained untouched and her mail hasn’t been picked up.

Brush’s daughter, Lindsey Brush, of Grafton, said she was notified about two weeks ago that something might be wrong. She and some of her mother’s family and friends organized a search party Thursday, which turned up no results.

Anyone with information on Arleen Brush’s whereabouts should call the Norwalk Police Department at 419-663-6780 or Detective Sgt. Seth Fry at 419-541-7717.

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