Norwalk Reflector: 'We just need her home and need to know she’s OK'

'We just need her home and need to know she’s OK'

Zoe Greszler • Updated Mar 19, 2019 at 3:12 PM

Authorities are asking for help in locating a Norwalk woman who hasn’t been seen this month.

Arleen Brush, 50, of Norwalk, was reported missing by her daughter after she asked the Norwalk Police Department to check on her March 2. A neighbor told police Brush was last seen or heard from on or about Feb. 28.

Brush is 5-foot-4 with light brown hair and brown eyes. Her daughter said her mother doesn’t normally wear glasses except to read and usually she has her hair up in clip. She normally wears neutral-toned clothing.

Police and Brush’s family have checked her Concord Court apartment several times. However, both have noted that things look to have remained untouched and her mail hasn’t been picked up.

Brush’s daughter, Lindsey Brush, of Grafton, said she was notified about two weeks ago that something might be wrong. She and some of her mother’s family and friends organized a search party Thursday, which turned up no results.

“We’ve tried the area around Concord Court, the reservoir (and) the hospital. We tried pawn shops, thinking maybe she pawned things to get some money and we tried taxi places,” Lindsey Brush said.

Brush said she has “absolutely no idea” where her mother could be and noted the disappearance is “completely out of character.”

“We’ve had some family feuds in the past,” she said. “I personally haven’t spoken to or seen her since September, so who’s she’s been in contact with is a very small amount of people. But no, there’s no indication she went on a trip. We’ve been in her house a few times now and there’s food in the fridge that’s outdated now and it’s very clear she’s not been there. It almost looks like she went out to get mail or take a walk to get some fresh air one day and just didn’t come back.”

Brush said she’s never known her mother to go off unexpectedly.

“She’s a homebody,” she said. “Even getting her to get out to get groceries, just to get up and go is hard. This is very unusual. ... We’re real concerned about her. I’m not sure what mental state she’s in. We just need her home and need to know she’s OK.”

Chief Mike Conney said knowing that Arleen Brush doesn’t travel much makes the case especially concerning. Adding to the precariousness of the situation, Conney said the missing woman doesn’t own a cell phone or a vehicle, making it even more difficult for the police to track her whereabouts.

“These are very odd for the circumstances,” Conney said. “Right now there’s not a whole lot of leads. It’s just very odd for anyone of that age to go missing. But these circumstances make it real hard to tell. Usually there are leads you can track down because of credit card use or (a) phone location or vehicle, but none of that exists. We’re hoping someone will get in touch with us so we can make sure she’s OK.”

Conney said the police “don’t have any evidence” indicating either foul play or suspicious activity. However, the chief said she “reportedly suffers from untreated depression.”

“Anytime someone (is) reported missing, we want to make sure (we) track down every possible lead,” Conney added.

A search party is being organized by the family and will begin at 10 a.m. Sunday at Veterans Memorial Lake Park.

Anyone with information on Brush’s whereabouts should call the Norwalk Police Department at 419-663-6780 or Detective Sgt. Seth Fry at 419-541-7717.

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