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NL students earn 'Smartest Students in Huron Co.' trophy

• May 13, 2017 at 10:00 AM

NEW LONDON — New London High School students have earned the “Smartest Students in Huron County” trophy during the Huron County Buckle-Up Challenge sponsored by North Central EMS, the state Highway Patrol’s Norwalk post and Summit Motorsports Park.

Troopers selected unannounced weeks in April and May to make visits to school parking lots and observe the number of students and faculty wearing seat belts during their commute.

New London student drivers and faculty had the highest seat belt usage at 95 percent. The other participating schools included: Bellevue (91 percent), Norwalk (90), Monroeville and St. Paul (both 89) and finally, Western Reserve and South Central (both 87).

“Buckling your seatbelt is the smartest and safest decision you can make. It just may be the decision that saves your life one day,” said North Central EMS Executive Vice President Don Ballah. 

During a school assembly, Ballah, Lt. Doug Hamman, Trooper Evan Stevens and Summit representatives Netty Damron and Evan Bader congratulated the students and encouraged them to continue to buckle-up.

Students also received complimentary tickets to the Cavalcade of Stars, which is May 19 through 21 at Summit. As the winners of this challenge, New London received the traveling trophy, which states they are the smartest students in Huron County.

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