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New move against Reynolds

• Jan 15, 2020 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Evening Herald on Jan. 15, 1907:


Petitions have been signed by 1,123 persons of this city

If the hundreds of names to petitions against the commutation of sentence of Harry Reynolds, confessed bigamist, are of no avail, another plan is being talked of to keep him in penitentiary and compel him to serve out the sentence of the law. Those who are back of the petition may consider the bringing of an information against Reynolds on the charge of perjury. If this is done, he may have to again face trial in Huron County.

It is said that Reynolds committed perjury when he secured a marriage license in this county. In making out the affadavit, it was necessary for him to make oath that he was not married. His confession to bigamy, it is claimed, would also make conviction of the other crime sure. Whether an action would lie against Reynolds on the charge of mutilating the records of the county is another point that may be looked into.

 The work of securing signatures to the petitions is practically completed in Nrowalk. In this city alone 1,123 names against the commutation of Reynolds’ sentence have been secured. Throughout the county, Olena, Peru, Fairfield and other places, signatures have been secured to petition independent of those secured by the W.C.T.U. in this city.

The fact is recognized that Reynolds has powerful friends. They are so powerful, it is said, that he is only constructively serving this sentence and is allowed the freedom of Columbus, reporting at the prison at night. This is another phase of the case that may be looked into. No case for years has so stirred public opinion as this one, and men and women who never given a thought to the board of pardons are working against Reynolds. It will be one of the hardest fought cases for years.


Presbyterian church enjoyed year of propserity and increased membership

The annual meeting of the Presbyterian church organization, held last evening, was largely attended. Judge C.P. Wickham was chairman and H.P. Crump was clerk. The reports show the society to be in a flourishing with much important work for the new year.

The church is out of debt and the report of the treasurer showed the sum of $3,919.32 raised last year, divided among the following funds: Church expenses, $2,047.57; benevolences, $525.84; Sunday school, $322.85; Ladies Aid Society, $558.30; Christian Endeavor, $64.20; choir, $11.90; missionary society, $246.41; Christmas tree, $82.25; Sunday school picnic, $60.


He didn’t mean to

Marshall Austin, the four and one-half year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Austin of Marshall Street, gave his parents a bad scare yesterday morning by swallowing an ordinary straight pin.

“Mamma, I swallowed a pin, but I didn’t mean to,” said the child rushing up to his mother. Up to the present time he has suffered no ill effects and the doctor thinks none will follow.


Historical museum

All persons interested in collecting and preserving an authentic record of Huron and Erie counties (”The Firelands”), commemorating the labors and achievements of thier ancestors:

Are hereby notified that the Firelands Historical Society (organized in 1857), has now a permanent home with a fire proof museum and show case room far in excess of its present collection.

Many individuals in the two counties have collections of historic value, but serving no public purpose, because of their privacy; liable to be destroyed by fire and at owner’s death scattered and lost or carried away by strangers.

That these collections may be brought together and preserved for all time, to be viewed and reviewed by this and future generations with a pride of ancestry, contributions are requested as follows:

Portraits of early settlers; portraits of prominent persons; ancient clothing; ancient china ware; ancient crockery; ancient household articles; ancient coins; old maps of the FIrelands and Norwalk; old photographs of Norwlak and other towns in the Firelands; old publications and books; Army and Navy relics; Battle flags; guns used in any of our wars; pistols used in any of our wars; swords used in any our wars; Indian relics; relics of the stone age; geological specimens; collections of animals; collections of fish; collections of repilies; collections of insects; ancient pictures; collections of paper money; collections of medals and badges; collections of political and advertising coins; collections of political cartoons; collections of school work; collections of general interest; ancient furntutre and household furnishings in good condition.

C.H. Gallup

Custodian of Relics



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