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Lake Shore Electric plans for large shops

• Jan 11, 2020 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Evening Herald on Jan. 11, 1907:


Norwalk has chance to land an important new industry employing scores of men

Plans were submitted at the annual meeting of the Lake Shore Electric railway yesterday for new repair shops, paint shops, store room and general office building. Definite action was not taken at the meeting and the plans were laid over until the meeting of the board next month.

In the scheme of the company to concentrate its operating shops and general offices in one place, there is  a chance for Norwalk to secure a new industry that will mean an expenditure of $30,000 per month in wages to employees and other items. Public spirit manifested rightly may land this. As the years pass the plant will increase naturally with the increase of the road, which is of national consequence.

The plans for the proposed building have been prepared by Bacon & Huber of Toledo and call for an expenditure of $200,000. No location for the buildings yet has been selected. The towns under consideration are Fremont, Norwalk, Sandusky and Lorain. The plans do not depend on the locations of the plant. What will be needed will be plenty of room open on all sides. No concessions will be asked from any town.


Rebekah installation

Golden Rod Lodge, Rebekah Degree installed officers last evening. The installing work was done by Mrs. John Butt as grand marshal, and Ellis Peat as grand warden, assisted by several others. The following officers installed.

Noble grand, Mary Beecher; vice grand, Jesse Clark; recording secretary, Flora Johnson; financial secretary, Della Walton; treasurer, Frances French; warden, Kate Gregory; conductor, Mary Hune; chaplain, Marian Clafflin; right supporter of the noble grand, Tillie Keiser; left supporter of the noble grand, Jennie Harkness; outside guardian, Florence Harrington; inside gaurdian, Lizzie Miller; right supporter of the vice grand, Cara Kellogg; left supporter of the vice grand, Anna Morgan.


Promises to keep family

Charles Stacey and J.H. Crawford, infirmary directors, were in Chicago Junction this morning to appear against Ernest Scisinger, a B & O fireman of that place, charged with abandoning his family. The directors have been caring for Mrs. Scisinger and her three children, the eldest aged four years.

Mayor Barber held Scisinger to the grand jury in the sum of $1,000 and placed him under a bond of $500 to provide for his family. The man agreed to give his wife and children $30 a month commencing on his next pay day. In the meantime the infirmary directors will see that they are supplied with the necessities of life.


Havana news

Miller Hill, the deputy mail carrier on route No. 2, had an exciting time on his route east of Peru last Saturday. When near the home of John Dailey his horse became unmanageable and kicked the wagon to kindling wood and ran away. After securing the animal, it was found to be so scared and nervous that he placed it in a stable and Hill made the balance of the trip, some ten miles, on foot. They brought the horse home last Saturday...

...Now is the time the country people would appreciate an electric road along the public highways. For the past eight to ten weeks the roads have been almost impassable for wagons...

...The citizens of this place all join in congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Culbertson of Milan on the advent of their daughter. Hugh was born and grew to boyhood in this place and has many friends here.

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