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Name O.K. Austin chairman of county commissioners

• Jan 4, 2020 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Jan. 4, 1943:


Name O.K. Austin chairman of county commissioners

Huron County Commissioners organized this morning by electing O.K. Austin, chairman.

Don Kirkton of New London was re-elected clerk of the board. The following other re-appointments were made: Clair D. Church, county dog warden; court house janitors, Messrs Butler and Mitchell and Mrs. Mary Deutsch, custodian of the woman’s rest room in the court house basement.

Roy Gathergood, of Monroeville, who was elected last fall to succeed Eben Lawrence, was sworn in by Probate Judge Luther Van Horn and put up the required $5,000 bond in probate court. The other member of the board is David A. Berry. All are Republicans.


Harry Bilton member of crew aboard U.S. Battleship that gagged 32 Jap planes

Harry E. Bilton, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Bilton, Hartland twp., is enjoying his first leave since enlisting in the U.S. Navy a year ago. The young man is a fireman, second class, aboard a U.S. battleship.

The battleship on which Fireman Bilton serves was the ship which destroyed a total of 32 Japanese planes, according to the U.S. Navy department, and sank four enemy ships.

A graduate of New London High School, Bilton was employed at the Norwalk Truck Line company here for several years, resigning his position last February to enlist in the service.



Celebrates anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shupe celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary at their home on Route 18 with a dinner on New Year’s Day.

Their guests were as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Webster and daughter Sarah of Sandusky; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bittner, and two daughters, Ruth and Margaret, and son Clarman, of Berlinville; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith of Berlin Heights; Mrs. Sam Lee and Mr. M.C. Young of Milan, and Mrs. Malinda Flagg of Norwalk.


Carrier pigeon takes shine to P.H. Jamison

Four days ago a carrier pigeon in good condition came to the home of P.H. Jamison of 77 N. Prospect St. He liberated the bird but it seemed to like the shleter of the Jamison home and returned. Police Chief Frank Kromer has taken the pigeon and if the owner does not claim it, he will give it to some local pigeon fancier. It has been the experience of local authorities that it is very difficult to find the owner of a stray carrier pigeon.


Reports purse containing $57 has been lost

William Lorcher of R.D. Norwalk reports to the police that Saturday night at the Roberts Gardens on Townsend Ave. he lost his pocketbook containing $57 and his gasoline ration book.

Harry Mitchell of 40 E. Main St. found on Monroe Street a pocketbook that had been lost by H.E. Sanders. The purse contained the owner’s gasoline ration card and drivers’ license.



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