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Sorrows of '95

• Jan 2, 2020 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Daily Reflector on Jan. 2, 1896:


Sorrows of ’95

The year just passed had its manifold joys and pleasures, but it also had its many sorrows. There have been many deaths, earthly ties have been sundered and family circles have been broken. Our beautiful Woodlawn Cemetery has been made the last resting place of numerous departed ones, as the burial record which follows shows. Quite a number of the interments have been those of people from out Norwalk:

January: Baby Baker, Mrs. Sylvia L. Chase, Peter Ludwig, Samuel R. Galehouse, Henriette King, John Butts, Clara Chambers, Mary Oakley, Edwin H. Brown.

February: Gilbert Jameson, Celia McDonald, Walter W. Bowen, George O. Wright, Polly Ward, Charles E. Love.

March: Eloiss Foster, Mrs. Hartwig, David Higgins, Lettie Fitch.

April: John L. Kerney, David McEntafler, Jerusha Hoyt, Mrs. J.J. Meyer, Sarah Wetmore, Charles B. Benson, Mary A. Greene, Alfred Patchen, WIlliam Ward, John Eagleston, Maria Meade.

May: Caroline Wilkinson, Mrs. Z.B. Wood, Ann L. Keller, John Markley, Jennie Turner Johnson, Mary Hill, Ralph P. Wickham, Maud Butler, Cecil Smedley.

June: Jay Topping, James Mulholland, Stephen T. Goodman, Samuel V. Smith, Mrs. John C. Frary, Mary E. Evans, Mrs. Charles Whipple, E.A. Pray.

July: Mary E. Morehouse, Mrs. Samuel Hurshburger, W.A. Smith, Catharine Pantlind, Fred Hardt, Jacob Noble.

August: Fred Cordin, Clyde Walters.

September, Baby Boepple, Alonzo McCord, Baby Walters, C. R. Butler, L.A. Wheaton, Baby Cole, W.L. Harrod, Mary P. Huyde, Henry Manahan.

October: Baby Price, Baby Bills, Mrs. C.E. Baker, F.H. Hayes, Edith Kreshbach, Margaret Edmondson, Mrs. G.G. Hallett.

November: Pearl Eldred, O.S. Chaffee.

December: Eliz Franklin, Charles Freund, Mrs. N.B. Hamlin, John O’Neill, H.B. Grant.



While the improvements made and begun in Norwalk during this year 1895 have not been as numerous and costly as in former years, yet they have been substantial and show a steady growth for the city. Many of the houses which were vacant at the beginning of the year have been filled up and quite a large number of new ones have been erected, Included in the latter list are the following residences: 

Louise M. Beniff, South Pleasant; D.A. Woodward, Milan; A.S. Rogers, Hickory; S.L. Altafisr, West Main; G.M. S. Sanborn, West Main; L.D. Ward, Christie; Elizabeth O’Byrne, Newton; Albert Crosby, North West; H.C. Shedd, Benedict; J.Q. Adams, Benedict; Frank Batchman, North West; O.F. Walton, South Linwood.

J.L. Rice, Chatham, Henry Ernst, Jackson; A.M. Smith, East Elm; G.A. Kline, West Main; H.K. Ernsberger, Summit; WIlliam and Sarah Parker, Summit; Alex Parsons, Perrin; Samuel Bellamy, Perrin; Josiah Locke, Pitt; WIlliam Meyers, Pitt; Henry Bilby, Townsend; Charles BIlby Townsend.

Added to these is the new electric light plant on Water Street, the new school house on Benedict Avenue and the new Methodist Church on West Main Street, all fine, costly structures which entailed the expenditure of large sums of money and gave employment to a large number of men.



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