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How does Milan Avenue sound?

• Nov 7, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in The Evening Herald on Nov. 7, 1912:


That’s what residents want the street called

Since the ball grounds have been located on north Milan Street, which has sent residents of this city and neighboring towns down that thoroughfare by the hundreds on Sundays during the summer months, the residents of that thoroughfare have thought that they out to add a little more dignity to that portion of the city, and last evening a lengthy petition, containing the names of nearly all the property owners from Main to League streets, asking that the name of the throughfare be changed from Milan Street to Milan Avenue, was presented to the city council. The petition was referred to the committee on new streets.

The matter of building a sidewalk on the east end of Christie Avenue with the walk in front of the property of W.C. Fessenden, was delayed until spring owing to the lateness of the season.


Will go to Lorain in special car

The students of the local high school have made arrangements for a special car to convey them to Lorain next Saturday, November 9, to see the Lorain Hi-Norwalk Hi football game. The students have secured a special rate of seventy-five cents for the round trip. All persons wishing to take advantage of this low rate and accompany the students to see Norwalk High and Lorain High battle for the football supremacy of Northern Ohio should get their tickets from Karl M. Johnson, athletic director, before Friday night.

The special car will leave Norwalk at 12:00 o’clock and the tickets are good on all returning cars.


Entertain in lodge rooms

the local Order of Owls entertained for the pleasure of the members and their ladies, in their commodious lodge and club rooms in the Whittlesey block, last evening.

The affair was in the nature of a box social with dancing and progressive pedro as other features of entertainment. The honors of the evening went to Mrs. W.R. Collier and Mr. Rounds.

Although a very bad night about 65 couples attended the affair, all declaring they had a delightful time. Canfield & Plue’s full orchestra provided the music.


A veteran leader

In his youth Michael J. Fanning, who will speak in Norwalk next Sunday evening, was led to consecrate his life to warfare against the liquor traffic. For more than one-third of a century he has traveled about our country and Canada in pursuance of his life’s work, probably making more speeches against the saloon during these years than any other living person. He stands today with few equals and certainly no superiors on the temperance platform as the commendations printed below testify:

Rev. E.B. Kuntz says: “To me the ma. is a perfect wonder. I have heard him deliver four different addresses, and having heard many temperance speakers, I hesitate not to say that Mr. Fanning stands pre-eminent among them all.”

William Godell Frost: “He thoroughly understand this subject on which he speaks, and is seldom equaled for readiness, point and eloquence. His wit is remarkable yet always used with discretion.”



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