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Royalty was at edge of Huron County Tuesday morning

• Oct 8, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Oct. 8. 1919:


Royalty was at the edge of Huron County Tuesday morning

Norwalk was about as close to royalty Tuesday morning as she probably ever will get and she never batted an eye. With a town full of queens, why get excited over the presence of a mere king?

Albert, King of Belgians, went through on the north branch of the N.Y.C. Tuesday morning about 9:30, going through Vermilion, Huron, Sandusky and other small towns and the inhabitants thereof knew nothing about it. He stopped at Toledo and was greeted with enthusiastic formalities, and took occasion to say the 37th division was one of the most gallant that ever stepped foot on Belgium soil; for which we all hereabouts swell with pride, for we have a soft spot in our hearts for any lad of the 37th. Company G was a member of that.


Rev. W. Leininger is ordained

A feature of the meeting of the Central North Association of Congregational churches at Florence yesterday was the ordination of the Rev. Wellington Leininger of Norwalk, and the Rev. Howard C. Lynch of Vermilion. Ordination services were conducted by the Rev. W.J. Cady of Berlin Heights, moderator, assisted by Rev. E. I. Bosworth and Rev. G. Walter Fiske of Oberlin, Rev. O.L. Kiplinger of Mansfield and Rev. Dr. Charles H. Small of Sandusky.

The Rev. Mr. Leininger is one of Norwalk’s most popular clergymen and will receive the congratulations of his many friends.


Shipment of beer sent to dry worker through a mistake

The other day J.R. Knapp, Norwalk real restate man who is a pronounced adherent to the dry cause, was informed that three barrels of beer were awaiting him at a local freight station.

“What! Beer for me? What on earth do you mean?” asked Mr. Knapp.

“Well the barrels arrived here and were shipped in your name,” was the reply.

Sure enough, when Mr. Knapp went to the station, he found the shipment consigned  in his name, only the beer was of the near variety.

It was learned that the barrels were for another man of the same name and had been consigned to J.R. Knapp by mistake.


V.E  Sissney buys partner’s interest in local bakery

Information was given out today to the effect that V.E. Sissney has bought out the interest of his partner, Wilber DeWitt, in the Snyder Bakery at 155 Whittlesey Ave. As soon as the necessary papers are drawn up and signed, Mr. Sissney will become the sole proprietor of the establishment, it is stated.


Red Bishop will box Cleveland man in Norwalk soon

Red Bishop of Norwalk, a returned soldier who made a great showing as a boxer with the American troops in France, has been matched to box Joe Avon at Cleveland at the next boxing show to be held here before the end of the month. Avon and Sam Spinello boxed four rounds at the last boxing show held here.


Roy Dann loses eye

Roy Dann, an employee of the Norwalk Foundry, had his right eye removed in an operation at Memorial Hospital yesterday.

Mr. Dann was injured recently while employed at the foundry. He is a coremaker. The accident occurred when Mr. Dann moved his head downward forcefully and struck his eye on a sharp stick protruding from the core box, the point of the stick penetrating the eye a quarter of an inch or more.



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