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City council worried about sewer issue

• Oct 7, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector on Oct. 7, 1970:


City council worried about sewer issue

As most groups that open a meeting with the pledge of Allegiance, the Norwalk City Council falls out of step on “one nation under God...” There’s no comma between “nation” and “under” so there should be no pause. Some councilmen (and residents in the chamber) pause, and some don’t, which gets proceedings off to a jerky start.

Some councilmen aren’t optimistic about the $2 1/2 million bond issue for sewer separation, which is one of the issues in the Nov. 3 election. They’re also worried about  the possibility of the income tax being repealed. All the conversation about selling the light plant has overshadowed these important issues and, it is feared, may have alienated some voters enough to vote against the city on all three issues. A councilman pointed out the state is threatening to ban all new construction if the city doesn’t move on sewers because of stream pollution.


Few midis at Norwalk High

Debbie Bouck evidently hasn’t heard that midi skirts can be a health menace because she was spotted Monday wearing one of the few midis seen at Norwalk High. “I like them,” Debbie said, “and I’m making another midi skirt too.”

Debbie said that seven or eight senior girls have been glimpsed in the halls of Norwalk High in midi skirts. “I know some other girls have midis,” she said, “but they haven’t gotten around to wearing them yet.:

Dennis Eakes, listening in on the conversation, commented on Debbie’s midi. “You should caption that picture “Would you want your daughter to wear one?” said Dennis, obviously a knee man. “I think they’re awful,” he stated. “I like shorter skirts much better.”


Bellamy leads Flyer rushing

St. Paul’s bubble may have burst Friday after its first defeat in three years. But after four games the facts show the Flyers are still out-scoring their opponents by a wide margin. They have amassed 69 points against 32 for their rivals.

After 92 yards in 22 carries last week, Tom Bellamy has replaced Denny Meyer as leading rusher. The four -game totals show that Bellamy has 298 yards in 58 attempts for a 5.1 average. Meyer follows with 240 yards in 49 carries for a 4.9 average.