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Blast from the Past

• Jul 10, 2019 at 8:00 PM

July 10, 1932 

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 87 years ago:


Sam Milliken meets death under avalanche of gravel

Samuel Milliken, 64, of North Fairfield, met death at about 8 a.m. today when tons of gravel caved in and buried him to a depth of four feet in the Rounds gravel pit at Hartland Ridge, about 10 miles southeast of the city.

Although it seemed certain that death had occurred, the body was removed to Memorial Hospital in Hood & Edwards ambulance in hopes that life was not extinct.

A physician stated that death had occurred. Milliken remained buried in the gravel 20 minutes, during which time four workmen worked with all the power at their command to effect his release.With Milliken were Scott Mackin, Eddie Stutz and Myron Sweet. All were removing gravel for the county. It was Milliken’s task to make a lateral opening with a post hole augur or a similar tool in order that a charge of dynamite might be fired. It is the custom to shoot the pits about twice a day in order that gravel will fall to the floor of the pit and make removal an easy matter.

While Milliken was at work, a comparatively small mass of gravel, probably weighing several pounds, let go from the distance above. Realizing his danger, Milliken started to run backward. But he was felled by a shower of gravel and as he lay prone, a great mass of the material, many tons in weight, thundered down upon him. The other men were not caught in the cave-in.


Norwalk men catch a catfish of great size

H.P. Becker, of 28 Norwood Avenue, Norwalk food products man, his brother Phillip, and George Horning have the best of reasons for thinking that fishing is good in the Huron River. Saturday night, they caught a 47-pound catfish near Abbot’s bridge about eight miles north of the city.

The piscatorial monster, strange to say, was tempted to take a hook baited with a leech only about 3 1/2 inches long. It took seven minutes to land the fish. H.P. Becker did the main work of bringing the prize to the bank.

The length was 43 1/2 inches, the circumference of the middle of the body 28 inches and the girth of the really gigantic head was 30 inches.The enormous mouth was large enough to receive a good-sized chicken. It is said that it is nothing for the funny monsters of the Huron River to bolt large creatures and it is told that in the stomach of one was found a half grown skunk.

Fish authorities say that the monstrous catfish taken in the Huron River are really the genuine Mississippi cat. Specimens of that species have reached the weight of 150 pounds or more. When Mark Twain wrote his fascinating chapter in Huckleberry Finn of the catching of a whale of a fish by using a skinned rabbit for bait, he undoubtedly referred to this species.

The theory is that the Mississippi cat fish enter Lake Michigan through the Chicago drainage canal at Chicago and work northward. Finding the water too cold, the fish keep on traveling until they pass through Lake Huron, the Detroit River and enter Lake Erie. The Huron River seems to present ideal conditions for the Mississippi cat and one or two of 40 pounds or better are caught in that stream north of Milan every year.


Missing girl is located at Chicago

Helen Howard, 16-year-old New London girl, reported missing, has been located at Chicago, reports Sheriff Harry D. Smith. The girl, after visiting at Findlay, was expected to return home. But she failed to arrive and the authorities were asked to look for her. Details of the case are lacking but it is given out that the girl probably will be returned to her home.

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