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Fire at Chicago Junction

• Jun 27, 2018 at 8:00 PM

June 27, 1879


The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector this week in 1879:


Fire at Chicago Junction

Chicago, O. has again been visited by a conflagration, this time resulting in the total destruction of the “Junction House,” together with Shelby’s barber shop and Hourman’s saloon.

The fire originated about 11:30 o’clock Sunday night, June 15, from the explosion of a lamp. The building being of wood, it burnt like tinder, and was a mass of ruins before word could be spread over the village and substantial help summoned.

Oalmes, the proprietor and owner of the hotel, is the heaviest loser, he also losing the contents of the hotel valued at $5,000 on which there was no insurance. The building, one of the finest in the place and valued at over $4,000, was almost fully insured. 

The whole amount of the property destroyed was valued at $7,000. Insured for about $4,000. This is the second time that Houman, the saloonkeeper, has been burnt out within two years.


Base ball

A close and exciting game of base ball was played on the Cortland Street grounds Friday afternoon in the presence of several hundred spectators, between the Elyria and Norwalk clubs.

The Elyrians were successful by a score of 12 to 11. A close decision in their favor in the 9th inning gave them the game.

The umpire, a Mr. Williams of Elyria, evidently meant to be fair in all respects. We attach no unfair motives to his decision. At the same time, the decision should have been the other way. However the boys are going to Elyria July 4th, when we wish them better luck.

The Norwalk club will endeavor to have games on the grounds here with some of the best amateur nines of the country. Arrangements are now in progress for a series with the Crickets of Cleveland. It is intended to charge a small admission fee, to which no one will object, as fine sport may be anticipated.


Odds and ends

Mrs. A.B. Chase’s little boy, Allie, fell into the cistern Sunday evening but was quickly rescued by his sister, Lena.

Two band wagon loads of Norwalkians, including the Clionians, went to Ruggles’ Grove Saturday last. The first picnic of the season.

A petition is being circulated and is obtaining many signers, asking the Council to grant certain parties the right to construct a roadway on the flat, south of the Court House, from Benedict Avenue east to Medina Street. We hope the petition will be granted and thus another improvement inaugurated.

A 13-year-old girl who was missing from Toledo, was found by detective Marsh in a low den in this city last week and returned to her father. No law would be too severe for the wretches who enticed her away from her home.


From Olena

The ripple of excitement caused by the marriage of Florence Brown and John McCague has subsided, and they are left to enjoy their new life in peace. May happiness and prosperity attend their declining years...the son of Dr. Wood, who was taken to the asylum, died soon after being brought home. The family have our sympathy...The new tin shop seems to have plenty of business...The roads are getting dusty again about Olena, caused somewhat by those who have plenty of time to congregate in the street for amusement and to frighten horses. We cannot afford a street sprinklery...The churches have been renovating and beautifying their sanctuaries...the new store bids fair to meet the demands of the public...The Bishop, I Burgess, has been looking in a mirror and reflects his image in his communications. Perhaps he lives where wordyism and police bummers prevail. His reference or harangue about myself was simply uncalled for. He is troubled for fear my articles will make less room for himself. I think it is he that would be boosted in to notoriety. Will someone give him a lift? Perhaps an engine would be necessary. He seems to have been hunting for newts, tadpoles and loathsome worms. No doubt he has been crawling after his kindred; wonder if he knows which species he belongs to. His diocese better look after their ducks and chicks if they wish to save their Bishop. I would say to him as Dogenes did to the king, “Reep out of my sunshine.” I think him beneath further notice.

— Violet


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— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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