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Here's how to 'swim healthy'

• Jul 22, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Swimming is a great form of exercise and popular way to beat the heat this summer.

However, pools also can put people at risk of recreational water illnesses (RWIs). This summer, families can protect themselves and others from germs and illness by choosing to “swim healthy.”

While in the pool, hot tub, water park or other body of water, swimmers accidentally may swallow water or breathe in mist containing germs and become sick. The most commonly reported RWI is diarrhea. Swimmers can “swim healthy” and avoid illness by following these simple steps.

Swimmers should stay out of the water:

• If they have diarrhea.

• If they have an open wound (from surgery or even a piercing) that isn’t covered by a waterproof bandage.

Swimmers should shower before getting into the water. Just rinsing off for a minute can remove dirt or other materials from the body.

Once in the water swimmers should:

• Never pee or poop in the water.

• Never swallow the water.

• Take a break every hour.

• Take a bathroom break

• Check diapers

• Reapply sunscreen

• Drink fluids

For more information about safe swimming and other summer safety tips, visit www.huroncohealth.com.