City council looking forward to work with new mayor

LynAnne Vucovich • Nov 10, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Norwalk city council weighed in on incoming mayor Dave Light and the future of the city.

Some council members already have worked with Light while he was police chief and are looking forward to seeing how he’ll act as mayor.

“While I’ve been on council I’ve had the opportunity to interact with Light while he was police chief,” Steve Schumm said. “We had positive discussions and when I brought something to his attention, he always did a good job following up on it.”

Steve Euton, council president, also worked with Light and said he’s looking forward to seeing how things go. Euton said he is able to work with a lot of different personalities and change is a normal part of city council.

“It’s part of the process; it’ll happen again,” he said. “Norwalk is a great city and as long as people are sincere, their heart’s in the right place and they look for the best for the city, we’ll be just fine.”

Euton said he always hopes for the best and believes Norwalk is a great community with hardworking people.

Schumm is happy that experienced people will be taking over, such as Sharon Harwood, who has previous experience on council. Harwood will represent the second ward. Dave Wallace declined to seek re-election.

“I think it’s great that we have another experienced person on the council when we’re working with the budget. It will be a real learning experience with the new mayor,” Schumm said. “Having Mrs. Harwood on there is going to be a good thing.”

Schumm said he will wholeheartedly work to support the new mayor.

Councilman Jordy Horowitz is also ready to work with the new administration. He’s excited to see if Norwalk can move in a new, exciting direction.

“I’m expecting a fresh, new, maybe forward-thinking way of leadership,” Horowitz said. “For me, I’m looking forward to developing a good relationship with Mayor Light to help move the city forward in ways that he has planned.”

Bryan Lamb said the city will have to wait and see how Light does.

“He’s a long-time resident, so I know (Light) knows the culture here,” Lamb said. “We’ll see how he manages. … I don’t know that much is changing.”

Lamb said he expects it will take some time for council to get to know Light better and anticipates council members will work well with the new mayor and administration.

“I know Dave has some ideas that he presented, like more aggressive bringing in businesses and that was the one thing I’m kind of interested to see,” Lamb said. “Rob did that pretty well I think, too.”

Matt Doughty, councilman, said he is very confident in Light’s ability to communicate and believes he will have a good working relationship with department heads and the people of Norwalk. 

“I’m sure it will the transition should be pretty smooth Dave is very knowledgeable and familiar with the city of Norwalk,” Doughty said. “I know that Dave has been very receptive to the ideas I've told him about. I’m looking forward to working with him.”

Council members Deb Lucal, Samantha Wilhelm and Dave Wallace were unavailable for comments Friday.