Community impressed by 'very emotional' program

Zoe Greszler • Jul 8, 2019 at 10:00 PM

WILLARD — The Flags of Honor tribute in Willard was a touching success for the community.

Community members young and old turned out to appreciate the message behind more than 900 flags being posted out for display during the last three days of June.

Council President James Johnson extended a “special thanks” to all those involved in the program. He said it was obvious how affected by it the community was.

“It was awesome to have it so well attended,” Johnson said. 

“One of the neatest things that I experienced about it when talking to people and asking them what they’re favorite part of it was almost every single person gave me a different answer and usually when you go to an event everyone focuses on one primary factor — the headliner, the speaker, whatever it was. But here, it meant something different to everyone. To me that’s what made it even more awesome to have.”

Councilwoman Diana Olson said she’s close with several of soldiers’ families who were attending the Flags of Honor, adding that made it a “very, very moving” event.

“That was definitely very emotional, but I think that was one of the best programs I’ve ever been to,” she said. “I was just really, very proud of our community. The number of people there all weekend long — and that’s what they were talking about.”

As the military veteran on council, Councilman David Sattig said that he felt compelled to express his gratitude for the event, saying he found it “very impressive.”

Mayor Joe Daniel said he not only appreciated the event but was proud that each of the council members carried one, if not two flags for the ceremony. 

“I think we did the city proud,” Johnson said.

Council expressed the desire to have the program return to the city, given the community's response, however, Johnson said he felt the poignancy of the event will be lost if that happens too soon.

“That’s certainly not a thing that you want to have as an annual event because it loses its appeal and its importance,” he said.

In other happenings, council:

• Heard the algae at the reservoir is “going well this year,” according to City Manager Jim Ludban, who added the reservoir hasn’t been treated with any chemicals this year. “It’s going well,” he said. “They’re getting good tests from the samples that they’re sending to the EPA.”

• Accepted more than $5,000 in donations, including $4,017.54 in checks from the Willard Moose to benefit th Parks and Recreation Department’s playground equipment projects. 

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