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Brandied apples and pork with egg noodles

By Linda Gassenheimer • Feb 25, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Apples caramelized with brandy dresses up sautéed pork chops in this dinner that is great for friends or for a weeknight meal. There are many varieties of apples. Both Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples will hold their shape when cooked. I prefer the tart Granny Smith for this recipe, but either one will work well.

Boneless, pork chops are used for this recipe. Don’t overcook; they will be very dry. A meat thermometer should read 145 degrees.

Helpful Hints:

— The alcohol from the brandy is cooked off in this recipe. However, if you prefer, omit the brandy and add 1/2 cup more apple juice.

— Thin cut pork chops (1/4-inch thick) are called for. If using larger chops, increase the cooking time for the chops about 5 minutes. A meat thermometer should read 145 degrees.

— The noodles will stay moist with less oil if you leave a little of the cooking water on them as they drain.


— Place water for pasta on to boil.

— Make pork dish.

— Boil pasta.

Shopping List:

3/4 pound thin cut boneless pork chops (about 1/2-inch thick), 1 small jar honey, 1 small bottle brandy, 1 small bottle apple juice, 1/4 pound wide egg noodles, 1 Granny Smith apple, 1 bunch parsley.

Staples: olive oil spray, olive oil, cornstarch, salt, black peppercorns.



1/2 medium-size Granny Smith or other tart apple (about 1/2 cup cut into pieces)

3/4 pound thin-cut boneless pork chops (about 1/2-inch thick)

Olive oil spray

1 teaspoon cornstarch

1/2 cup apple juice, divided use

1 tablespoon honey

1/4 cup brandy

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Wash and core apple. Thinly slice and cut slices into one inch pieces. Remove visible fat from the pork. Heat a medium nonstick skillet over medium-high heat and spray with olive oil spray. Brown chops 2 minutes. Turn and brown 2 minutes. Remove from skillet. Mix cornstarch with 2 tablespoons apple juice and set aside. Reduce heat and add apple, honey and brandy to the skillet. Let cook 30 seconds. Pour the remaining apple juice into the skillet. Cook 3 minutes. Add cornstarch mixture and cook until sauce is thick, about half a minute. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve pork with apple and sauce spooned on top. Makes 2 servings.

Per servings: 367 calories, 71 calories from fat, 7.8 g total fat, 2.1 g saturated fat, 3.3 g monounsaturated fat, 120 mg cholesterol, 101 mg sodium, 21.8 g carbohydrate, 0.8 g dietary fiber, 18.6 g sugars, 37.5 g protein

Exchanges: 1 1/2 carbohydrate, 5 lean meat, 1/2 alcohol


1/4 pound wide egg noodles

2 teaspoons olive oil

2 tablespoons freshly chopped parsley

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Bring a large saucepan of water to a boil. Add the egg noodles. Boil 10 minutes or until tender but firm. Remove 2 tablespoons water from the saucepan to a large bowl. Drain pasta and add to the bowl. Add the olive oil and parsley. Add salt and pepper to taste. Toss well. Serve on individual plates with the pork chops and sauce. Makes 2 servings.

Per serving: 198 calories, 50 calories from fat, 5.5 g total fat, 1 g saturated fat, 3.6 g monounsaturated fat, 9 mg cholesterol, 116 mg sodium, 30.2 g carbohydrate, 1.1 g dietary fiber, 0 g sugars, 7.1 g protein

Exchanges: 2 starch, 1 fat


(From “Fast and Flavorful Great Diabetes Meals from Market to Table” by Linda Gassenheimer, published by the American Diabetes Association. Reprinted with permission from The American Diabetes Association. To order this book call 1-800-232-6733 or order online at www.shopdiabetes.org)


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