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Rolling into summer in a big way

By Joe Centers • Jun 11, 2019 at 12:00 PM

While it isn’t official until June 21, summer has arrived. I know because I had to get the fan out of the basement Sunday night.

As we head into the summer season there are a number of things that come to mind.

Will it ever stop raining?

I was at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and was talking to a local contractor as we watched the rain pour down the side of the tent. 

“This has been a tough spring for the farmers,” I said to him. “It’s not just the farmers,” he replied. “It’s been tough on us.”

We don’t think about it much, but a lot of our area contractors work off the road, which means they are up to their axels in mud. And just when you think things are drying out, it rains again.

There are a lot of fields that still need to be planted. It is getting to the point where farmers might be better off not planting at all and filing a claim with their crop insurance.

What a crazy business. I remember years ago when I started in this business we would stop at Terry’s Tavern for lunch and a beer. So many times I would see all of my farming buddies sitting around playing cards. I always wondered why they had so much time off; then I realized they worked on Mother Nature’s schedule. Once they got into the fields we wouldn’t see them for weeks at a time. It always was “hurry up and wait.”

I always remember a bumper sticker I saw once that said “Don’t say anything bad about a farmer with your mouth full.”

Orange barrel polka

It’s that time of the year again when the orange barrels come out and roadwork begins. Remember to slow down and be careful. Jody and I were headed to Mansfield on Saturday morning when a woman in front of us didn’t see a flagger stopping traffic. The woman flagger had to dive out of the way to avoid being hit. We had to sit there for about five minutes and we had to sit again on the way back, but those people are just doing their job.

And remember, many of those road workers are from Norwalk and the surrounding area.

Fourth of July

It won’t be long before we are celebrating the Fourth of July. In Norwalk that means the Mapletree Road Race and the annual Lions Club Fourth of July Parade. The four-mile race kicks off the action at 8:30 a.m., starting and finishing at the Huron County Fairgrounds. The neat thing about the race is runners actually get to run in front of a crowd. What a thrill.

Here are some facts about the race:

• Supporting student education through the Michael H. Hay Scholarship Endowment

• The Michael H. Hay Scholarship program is entering its 10th year

• $20k awarded each year in arts and sciences … 2019-20 … 30 scholarships to students having met qualifications

• Program awards in total exceeds $132,000 and 194 students

• 100 percent of the Mapletree profits will contribute to future scholarships

• Engaging students in a health-related, Norwalk community-wide service project

• Bringing the entire community together to support local education, physical fitness, team spirit and patriotism

You can vote in the race T-shirt contest at https://mapletreeroadrace.weebly.com/t-shirt-contest-voting.html.

As far as the parade is concerned, Linda Bersche is this year’s grand marshal as she is being honored for her 40-plus years with the Norwalk Area United Fund. All of the profits from this year’s parade raffle will go to the United Fund. When you see Linda tell her thank-you for all of her years of hard work and congratulate her as she prepares to retire later this summer.

Happy Fathers Day

I hope all of you take time out Sunday to say thank-you to your father and take a minute to remember him on this special day.

I will travel to Michigan to see my dad, who is 93. I hope all of you fathers out there have a great day.


Joe Centers is Reflector managing editor. He can be reached at jcenters@norwalkreflector.com.