Taxed 24 cents for this guy's Dr. Pepper fix

Cary Ashby • Jul 25, 2019 at 7:00 PM

EDITOR’S NOTE: Two editors and three reporters at the Norwalk Reflector saved all of their receipts last week and totaled the sales taxes. This is the third story in a five-part series reviewing how much taxes they were charged.

Since I don’t cook — except when my two daughters are here, it should surprise no one that the taxes I paid last week were for food.

Here is something else that won’t be a shock to the Norwalk Reflector readers and my friends. Polar Pops and trips to Freight House Pub & Grill dominated the receipts I had. Over the course of four days, I bought four Polar Pops at Circle K, which meant I paid 24 cents total in taxes to sustain my Dr. Pepper addiction.

Polar Pops are a common sight in the newsroom. On my desk, there is usually one sitting on my Darth Vader coaster. (I’m not sure what employee left it, but thanks. And may the Force be with you.) Across from my desk, you will see a Polar Pop on the desk of managing editor Joe Centers. He goes for the “Epic X-L” for regular Coke while I stick with the large, which contains more than enough Dr. Pepper. (Joe calls it a “Sissy Cup,” by the way).

My four Polar Pops don’t compare to the 11 that Joe bought during the same week. We both know we drink too much pop. Regardless, let’s put it this way: If Joe is the self-proclaimed Polar Pop king, I’m the prince. And I’m not referring to the purple one.

Back to the taxes I paid. Two trips in three days to Freight House to buy my “usual” (the delicious chicken enchilada — without onions and peppers — and a side of cottage cheese) one day and two tacos for $5 the other day cost me $1.26 in taxes. 

My grand total in taxes for the week was $3.46, all of it for food and/or my Polar Pop fix. Honestly, that’s not bad for nine transactions.

Here’s something even better: Over the week, there were four times I didn’t have to pay taxes. My $6.75 matinee to see “Spider-Man: Far from Home” didn’t include tax. (That’s a fun, solid movie from Marvel Studios and really more of a transition to Phase 4 or an addendum to the third phase.) I also didn’t have to pay tax on an $8 chicken sandwich with a glass of water from D&D Smith Winery, a $55 prescription from Rite Aid and a two-topping pizza for $16.49 from Marco’s. 

My late father used to say paying taxes was our time to “pay the gov” (i.e. the governor). So in the spirit of Jack Ashby, here’s my $3.46 for the week, Gov. Mike DeWine. You’re welcome and thanks for the untaxed items.

For part four of this series, Zoe Greszler will review her week’s spending in Friday’s issue. Stacey Hartley will conclude the series with her review Saturday.

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