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Maui Sands condemned

By Michael Harrington • Jun 27, 2019 at 10:00 AM

PERKINS TWP. — Perkins Township’s concerns about Maui Sands were confirmed Wednesday after an inspection of the multi-million dollar resort resulted in it being condemned.  

Maui Sands, which is at Milan Road and Ohio 2, closed in March after the building experienced water damage. Inderjit Grewal — the CEO of Maui Sands and owner of Vintro Hotels & Resorts — said at the time it was closed until renovations were completed.

But Perkins Township became concerned when the building appeared to be neglected with little work being done. There have also been multiple police reports about potential break-ins.

“We had a local restaurant call and say they were delivering pizza to people staying here,” Perkins building inspector Paul Ricci.

The township obtained a warrant to do a code inspection of the hotel and water park. The building department, Perkins fire, Erie County Emergency Management and the health department were on the scene to carry out the inspection.

But before they could do so, Perkins police and the Erie County Sheriff’s Office had to clear the building section by section because of the concerns about people possibly living in there.

A Sandusky Register reporter and photographer went into the building with Ricci to see the damage. Several walls were broken apart and the wires and pipes were taken by vagrants to sell for profit, Ricci said. 

“We expect all buildings to be maintained and meet minimal building and fire codes. What our inspectors are finding out in this situation is we have a building with a number of deficiencies that need to be addressed,” Perkins Township administrator Gary Boyle said. “We will work with the county prosecutor on what our next steps are.”

The floor of the hotel was littered with broken glass and pieces of drywall. There were also multiple bird carcasses, destroyed furniture and broken bathroom fixtures. Pieces of wire and ceiling tiles were dangling in the hallways.

Even by the standards of the other buildings he’s inspected, Ricci said Maui Sands was bad. The roof appeared to have standing water and exposed wires.

After inspecting the property, Perkins Township condemned the entire complex because of the issues they noticed.

“The next step will be to file in court to have it declared a nuisance and then a determination will be made to what needs to be done by the owners to the property,” Ricci said. “The major concern is that it is an unsecured building.”

The Register reached out to Grewal for comment about the inspection and the findings, but an unidentified employee from Grewal’s Vintro Hotels & Resorts answered and said they were unaware of any inspection.

Vintro purchased the hotel in September 2018 for $7 million, but Grewal and the company are now being sued by its investors for $7.3 million in Toledo’s U.S. District Court for allegedly violating a loan agreement.

In a motion to place a receiver in charge of the property, Grewal denied allegations that the building was neglected and said it was secured and there was regular work going on at the site. An evidentiary hearing on the motion is scheduled for Monday. 

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