'My joy comes from helping others'

Zoe Greszler • Updated Jul 13, 2018 at 5:43 PM

WILLARD — After experiencing some life-changing weight loss and health success, Angela Hartzell said she was moved to help others see the same results, something she’ll be doing from her new business in Willard. 

Hartzell opened Determination Nutrition at 10 S. Myrtle Ave., May 10, her second of such nutrition businesses.

I’ve been (doing this) for six years. I absolutely love it,” Hartzell said. “I love the products because I know they work because of my personal success. I started with the company on a weight-loss mission and I lost 120 pounds and now my joy comes from helping others lose weight and live a healthy life.

“We are definitely determined to help the community and nation to feel healthier and happier,” she added.

Hartzell had another, similar shop at Heidelberg University in Tiffin, but decided to close that location to open the Willard location. 

“The need just looked like it was there for a healthy option in the Willard area,” she said. “I’m in Republic and I drive no matter what, because there’s nothing in Republic and really it’s only a five minute difference from the Tiffin shop.”

Determination offers healthy and delicious weight loss shakes and energy teas, as well as fitness classes and personal fitness coaching and planning. 

“It’s a nutrition club concept,” she said. “It’s a community-based area for people to come and feel comfortable in their own skin. This is for people looking for (a healthier lifestyle) whether that’s through weight loss, increased energy or just a positive place to hang out.”

Hartzell said her favorite shake flavor is mint chocolate.

“Our most popular seller though is the Elvis, which is a peanut butter banana,” she said. “We have 50 flavors of shakes in the menu, so there’s a lot to choose from.”

Determination offers fitness classes nearly everyday, both in the morning and evening, which Hartzell said hopefully will help people fit a workout into their busy schedules. 

“We have Cardio drumming almost every day throughout the week,” she said. “Plus we have core classes, dance to fit classes, buns to huns — which is a class that focuses on your arms, buns and thighs — and we’ll try to incorporate more (classes) as we go.” 

Both the nutrition and the classes are something the whole family can enjoy, the owner said.

“It’s definitely on all-ages, all ability-level type of business,” she said. “We basically don’t serve any judgement on anyone whatsoever here. We’re here to help you make friends through your health journey. We have kids that come with parents. We sometimes have had even three generations in the room together.”

The fitness shop is open from Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 1 p.m., with the business also opening one hour before classes for evening customers. 

A grand opening and Willard Area Chamber of Commerce welcoming ribbon-cutting event has been tentatively scheduled for Thursday July 26, with more information to be released on the business’s Facebook page as it becomes available.

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