NHS student and cow win big at state fair

Stacey Hartley • Aug 5, 2019 at 5:00 AM

Kayla Cring and Google the dairy cow recently took grand champion at the Ohio State Fair.

The soon-to-be junior at Norwalk High School has been showing animals in county and state fairs for six years. She has been a member of 4-H for five.

“I first started doing ‘kiddie’ showmanship when I was 6,” said the 16-year-old.

But as for Google — the star of the show — this is not her first rodeo.

“She got first place in a 4-year-old class. … And the top (winners) all go against each other,” Cring said.

Google has been at the family farm for more than a year and seemingly can be considered a member of the farming family. The Crings consist of parents Scott and Kathryn, and siblings Bethany, Trevor and Eli. (Kayla Cring shared Google has children of her own — two of which are named Gidget and Gigabyte.)

“My sister showed Google last year, and (obviously) I did this year,” said Cring, who walked with Google almost daily to prime her for fair season.  

“She got to stay at our farm before this (past) state fair. … Then she (went to) another farm to finish getting ready.”

When she’s not practicing for fair, Cring is either fulfilling her duties as treasurer for the Opportunity Unlimited 4-H group, playing sports (soccer, basketball) or being an active member in her Calvary Baptist Church youth group.   

Additionally, the Norwalk teen said she likes to hang out with friends and go to Cedar Point — the home of her favorite roller coaster, the Milennium Force.

“(Also) we have cow-sleepovers. … We sleep on hay bales,” Cring said of herself and her friends.

What’s next? 

“The Huron County Fair is coming up, so we’re preparing for that. … Then it’s on to Wellington (for the Lorain County Fair),” said Cring, who’ll show Google in the national fair in Madison, Wis.